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This blog is mainly to show the love of Jesus. I want Him to use me to help those in need or to just show them who He is. If you have questions, would like to talk, or need advice or a prayer I am here for every one of you. God tells us not to judge others. I will never judge a single person who comes to me. I will love every one of you.


Bless the Lord, O my soul, And all that is within me, bless His holy name.

- Psalm 103:1

Today has been one of those Mondays. It’s been filled with notecards, coffee, lots of tears and calls to Mawmaw. I’m thankful though for those talks with my Mawmaw because she always tells me “Darian, you can do it”. She tells me that Jesus put me at Southeastern, at my job, and in my classes for a reason. There’s something in these places that needs to be done that no one else can do. So I can’t give up. I have to keep praying, keep pushing forward and keep smiling. Because someone else out there needs to see that little bit of Jesus shining through me.

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Anonymous said: What is your bible like / what version do you use? :) 

NLT Student bible!

Is anyone from the waco area?

A friend and I are taking a road trip from Baton Rouge to Waco next weekend and we were trying to find some cool coffee shops, places to go eat, etc. Let me know! (:

Fridays are my favorite.

Anonymous said: I keep committing the same sin, and everytime I do it, I feel terrible because I have given into satan and forsaken God. I feel as though I am taking advantage of His love, mercy and grace - I need help to stop. I pray for strength everyday... 

If you have anyone close to you tell them this sin. I know it’s harder to admit to people our sins rather than God, which seems so crazy if you think about it. But I’ve been the same way. In the bible it tells us to confess our sins to someone who can keep us accountable. Just tell a friend who also loves The Lord what you’ve been dealing with, tell them how much you want to be free and ask them to help you. I promise if they love Jesus and you they won’t judge you at all. They will want to help you overcome. That’s how I’ve gotten through some tough sins in my life, by telling a friend. They were able to check on me and see how I was doing. And it felt so great to be able to be open with someone and tell the truth. It was freeing. And I promise you that Jesus loves you the same. He’s telling you let go and trust him because he can bring you more pleasure than that sin ever could. And he wants you to know that you shouldn’t feel afraid to come to him. Don’t let your sin distance you from him. Let it draw you closer.
I’m praying for you. You can and will break free.

Anonymous said: does your church allow you to dance 

Heck yeah. We love to dance at my church! Haha

oy--peabrain said: Love hearing Judah on your playlist - one of my friends is his bestie from high school :) great to see that they're getting some love!! 

Really?! One of my faves!

Formed by Him: Just Listen.

Wrote a new post on my blog. 

Check ittt.

swamamongthenorthernlights said: HELLO HI what are you top 5 favourite films to watch xx also you are amazing ok 

What!? No you’re amazing! Ummm okay, top 5

  1. Hunger Games
  2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  3. The Breakfast Club
  4. The One Direction Movie (I know that’s a lame one but I won’t lie and pretend it’s not one of my faves)
  5. and like any Nicholas Spark book made into a movie because I love romance movies and cry everytime.

What’s your top 5 favorite movies? 

(That question is for anyone reading this right now!)

if you’re awake send me messages!

I’m so bored. Literally tell me anything, tell me about your day, your most embarrassing story, your favorite album. I can’t sleep! haha (:


To Seek Out The Riches Of Knowing Jesus. This Is A Gold Rush!

Anonymous said: I had two questions for you :) first, just wondering, if it's not too personal I wanted to know which religion you practice. I assumed Christian, but I wasn't sure protestant, catholic, etc. also, I really want to read the whole bible, but I don't know where to start at all! Help!! God bless <3 

I’m nondenominational :) 

And I recommend John. Super amazing book! But also, if you can find a ton of Devotional/Bible studies on the Bible App for iPhone. I probably do a new devotional every week! Hope that helps :)

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